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Unrealistic in the pursuit of ideals.
"She was walking around quixotically, without a thought of where she was going."
by Jenn February 06, 2003
(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop
You really shouldn't pry.
by Jenn December 06, 2003
1. to be extremely intoxicated.
2. one who is under the influence of alcohol.
3. drunk
"lets get pilt"
"just right pilt"
by jenn September 23, 2004
A dance created to highlight the offbeats of ska music.
I was skankin the night away.

Skank till you drop!
by Jenn November 02, 2003
An exclamation of pure excitement and hyperactivity.
"Oh, SQWEEE!!!"
by Jenn March 05, 2003
When ones shit is popping out of ones ass but they keep squeezing it back inside so they dont take a poop.
Katie was prarie doggin it when she was at Lauren's house because she didnt want to stink out the bathroom.
by Jenn April 11, 2004
sneaky, chill
Mel: i was hella cutty and jacked some alcohol from the quik and sleez
Bob: chill, lets go hit a cut
Mel: where do you want to go?
Bob: i dont know, the Ridge is pretty cutty.
by jenn June 30, 2003
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