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Smaste-Ing. An adjective, to smaste. Typically brought on by an indulgence in narcotics, usually Marijuana.

Ideal places to smaste include trees, lagoons, beaches, parks.

Ideal items to test your smasting skills on include coke in a can, chocolate in wrappers, your own finger (NOT after placement in certain orifices) and cheese.
J: "Dude! I'm totally smasting those leaves!"
B: "Yeah... We're stoned."
by jayseven May 05, 2005
The art of breathing in through your mouth and taste/smelling an object, usually a food. See: smasting.
J: "Here Ben, smaste this can of coke!"
B: "Aw, Dude, all i can smaste is the metal!"
by jayseven May 05, 2005
Unno is the latest in a long line of Proper English words unwillingfully sodomised so that they are fit for internet consumption.
jayseven: Unno watya onboot teh dud!
jayseven's dad: I don't know what you're on about, son!
by jayseven July 28, 2004
If you are lucky enough to not only be a Stuart but also a Dude, this is clearly what everone on this humbled planet shall call you!
James: "Sup Stood?"
Stuart: "lmaoplanes, Smeddles"
James: "Rofflecopter, Stood"
by jayseven April 16, 2005
someone on a forum/on IRC who cannot help but constantly post links, and if they're not posting links they're asking questions, if they're not asking questions they're posting confused smileys.
"O_o :o :|"
"god you're such a kigan sometimes"
by jayseven February 07, 2004
Slanderous name, to be one who engages in homosexual masterbation and/or oral sex.
god you're such a cheets!
by jayseven September 15, 2003
The person who kicks your ass. Yes. You!
pdhq64 is so cool!
by jayseven February 11, 2004
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