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An array of sequenced mental activity. Generally, a series of thoughts.
The President solved a conflict the other day in the Middle East after a hemorrhaging brain kabob with world leaders.

The President made a myriad of conflicts today in the Center West after a spell-binding brain kabob with a homeless dinosaur.
by java monster February 18, 2008
Rob's fav dish. Usually made from sock-eye salmon, and stuffing consists usually of king crab, mmmmm, delishus. I first saw it at Sam's Club in Lowell.
Rob was pooped from doing GUI so he devoured a salmon pinwheel.
by java monster February 17, 2008
Long for "rips", referring to puffing the chibba.
All these grav ripes are making me feel like eating some salmon pinwheels.
by java monster February 22, 2008
A substitution for any word in a spoken or written sentence, including itself.
Your pet duck is squaballo jangallo with that wing peircing.

Why do more when squaballo jangallo and price it the same as your fat donkey.
by java monster February 22, 2008
To toast a shot of awful booze, usually USA rum, to a plastic duck at Sunday River.
To old farts were making their way up the mountain on a chair lift, when a plastic bird forced them to duck shot, an then quack afterwards.
by java monster February 18, 2008
Another word for a human hand.
Mama, I'm gonna rock your cheeks with a vigorous pentafinger.
by java monster February 24, 2008
1.) The act of pretending to be someone's freind to slip something by them, as if you were soggy bar of soap.

2.) A lathered freind.
I was just being a soapy papoose to get in with the nice fellows at the yaught club, those fruits.

It's not just a midget in the shower, it's my soapy papoose.
by java monster February 24, 2008
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