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Hominence is a one word googlewhack.
I typed it in and got ad-hominence.

It is some kind of a quasi-holiday celebrated in the middle of October.
People carry a brass coin with a hole in it during the days of hominence.
Is that your brass coin?


Are these the days of hominence?

That's why I have the bras coin!
by Jasper October 15, 2003
Observance ofthe Days of Hominence.
The 15th of every third month is a day of Hominence.

Mar 15- Traditionally the begining of Spring, but date are fixed for modern calanders.
Jun 15- begininng of Summer
Sept 15- begining of Fall
Dec 15- 1st snow
Special Days of Honinence are the days of the waninig moon after the first full moon in Oct
by Anonymous October 15, 2003