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109 definitions by jared

have midget half horse
that nimph is the unicorn's bitch
by jared November 19, 2003
a stupid fuck who needs to stay in their own god damn country and keep ourcountry the way it should be!!!
I hate all you fucking immigrants!!!
by Jared June 12, 2003
nick name for content on the copout.net website.
Is there any new stuff on copout?
by Jared December 22, 2004
Prep Girls, Girls that think they are better then most
hey coolie girl!
by Jared November 20, 2003
an exclamation meaning, "kick ass!"
i just got head! hoopdy!
by Jared April 17, 2005
Anything, ho ho, and I mean *ANYTHING* that's not the five boroughs of New York City. Long Island is NOT part of the city, thus is is Upstate. FACE IT FAGGOTS!!!!! YOU ARE UPSTATE!!!!!
Pff! Upstaters, with ya farms, and ya tractors...
by Jared March 24, 2005
a fucking big eared faget
jaymes went to durand and fisted morgan
by jared May 07, 2003