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Australian slang:

Having something that is unjust or just plain wrong done to someone or something.This come from the game of cricket which is regarded as a gentlemans game were fairplay was paramount.
1stperson:Did you see that guy punch that other guy.

2nd person:yeah,its just not cricket.
by james chadima January 13, 2004
To delibritly cause trouble or an arguement by disagreeing with someone even though you think they are right.
John looks like he could do with good shit stir today.
by james chadima January 13, 2004
When someone is trying really hard to sell you something that you dont need eg:vacuum cleaner
I was given the hard sell on that piece of shit over there.
by james chadima January 16, 2004
Australian slang for having a look at something, as did Captain Cook, a British sailor who founded Australia.
Lets have a captain cook over there
by james chadima January 12, 2004
Also Known as Tripple Jwhich is one of Australias best radio stations.See www.tripplej.com.au.
JJJ is the best radio station.
by james chadima January 15, 2004
What you call your child when they are up to no good,can have the prefix evil ie:evil spawn.
My dfauaghter can be like spawn sometimes.
by james chadima January 16, 2004
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