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24 definitions by james bourne

A backwords female fart that smells like fish.
Damn, Baby, dat Queef smells worse than your tuna melt!
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
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A nickname for the Bible of Scientific Bullshit. See or visit holybullshit.com fo details.
In order to keep it from derteriating, KK and Doom hid the sacred tome from view.
by James Bourne October 04, 2003
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Physical hand gesture that usually means wordfuck you. wordKK and wordDoom use this all the time.
The deaf man couldn't hear what his wordasshole nieghbor was saying, so he just displayed the middle finger.
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
77 86
A politcial theory where every person in a society is equal, given all life needs (food, shelter, ect.) equally, and where there is no central governing body or group opf people (hard to have everyone be equal with a few leaders telling the masses what to do).

In theory, the most utopian and 'perfect' of the 3 major social forms.

In practice, can never effectivly happen in practice mainly because tghe average human being needs and desires asome sort of governing structure, whether it be very strict (See facisim ) or very loosly (See anarchist) applied.

This structure tend to fall into a more Socialist social order when applied in the real world. Eventhough the orgionators fo this social order said this structure would be best suited for the large Capitolistic nations of their era (England, USA, ect.), the most noted use of this system was inside the Former Soviet Union and the Peoples Repulic of China.

The Soviet system, though lasting over 7 decades, ended with the country ditching the One Party system for a more Democratic based model after the country practically became bankrupt in 1989. China has grown more Socialist since it's conversion to the Commuinst structure in 1947, mainly do to their laxing, however small, of certain 'communist' ideals for more democratic princliples (such as individualism and ownership of property).

You Commie Bitch!
by James Bourne September 27, 2003
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KK and Doom's pastime. Usually envolves the flaming deaths of many one-peyed sand niggers or rabbit ass weasels.
"I'm fucking bored...lets go on a killing spree.."
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
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The only performing cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Rochester, New York. Not only do they perform while the film is running, they also feature many entertaining pre-show events and half nakid people. you can always find out more about this cast if you goto rochesterrocky.com
Everything I needed to know about a rather tasteless joke I found at rochesterrocky.com .
by James Bourne February 13, 2004
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HWat the bitch does to my thropbbing cock in order to make it drop a load in her face.
Yo, Bithc," Martin exclaimed," Instead of jamming with that ho, why don't you git your sweet ass over heerre and suck me off!"
by James Bourne September 25, 2003
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