24 definitions by james bourne

A gay version of all your base are belong to us all your base are belong to us all your base are belong to us, which is funny, cause the origional is just as gaygaygay.
When Uncle FunkalunkelUncle FunkalunkelUncle Funkalunkel walked into the Blue Oyster Club and saw all the hot leather clad men, he pulled out his wanker and yelled, "all your ass are belong to us!"
by James Bourne March 23, 2004
the one thing that keeps guys from eating out their girlfriends.
The stank gas that shot into Jeff's face after he licked her clit almost made him pass out.
by James Bourne September 14, 2003
an anchient egyption city that was once the capitol of the civilisation.
King Tut fucked Uncle Funkalunkel's ancester up in Memphis.
by James Bourne February 20, 2004

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