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when a male has sex with a girl and pulls out then blows his load over her vagina.
When I was about to cum, i gave her my patented tuna melt finsher.
by Big Daddy D March 02, 2004
When going down on a chick, lapping away, and you discover that it's her time of the month. By no means do you stop though. When the whale spews, tartar sauce with a hint of raspberry smothers your face.
Nothing like a tuna melt for nutritional value
by Da Man July 16, 2004
The female version of a Dutch oven. When a woman with a fishy smelling private area, whether she knows it or not, puts a partners head under the covers in a bed for oral pleasures.
Man, I was messing around with this girl last night, and when I lifted up the covers to go down she gave me a tuna melt.
by Chaos31 April 01, 2012
a term for a vagina that smells like fish. See Bryttani for more
That girl has quite the tuna melt in her pants
by feathersofanarrow February 07, 2011
the female equivalent of tea bagging
She shouldn't have fallen asleep on my couch. I put a Tuna Melt on her shoulder!
See also, snatchogram, cooter stamped, pussy pranked
by C U Next Tuesday Publications September 12, 2011
An unclean vagina. (derived from the combination of the joke: "Why don't you eat out your girlfriend in the Morning? Ever open up a grilled cheese sandwich?" and the famous fish-vagina connection)
I'm sorry baby, but I don't like this tunamelt, do you have peach cobbler instead?
by Gunt January 05, 2003
when 3 girls, whose pussys taste like mayo tuna fish and cheese sizor and make tuna melts.
Lautaja:Wanna taste our tuna melt?

Kevin: Sure thing, can i be the bread too.
by Duh yummy woohoo June 18, 2009

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