24 definitions by james bourne

Usually what the bitch sais after you dump your load on her face. A very good indicator that you''l be sleeping on the coach and getting no pussy for a long time.
After emptying his sack onto her kisser, Janice told Bob that they 'need to talk.'
by James Bourne September 23, 2003
Slang for the anal opening. This term is has many functions, either as a term of endearment, or as a graphic description of a potential victim. Sometimes comes in groups called bunches.
"Who let that fucking Asshole in here?"
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
The cultivation of public hair around a vagina. Usually used to determine if the female is a natural blonde or a dyed slut. Can get caught in the teeth during cunnilingus, which ususally requires a through teeth shaving. Sometimes becomes a breeding ground for a colonies of unwanted crabs.
"I had a hard time finding her clit cause her Bush was as thick as forest!"
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
Items of which KK and Doom want to use on those damn sand niggers.
We should go and use our nuclear weapons on Osama's ass.
by James Bourne September 10, 2003
Physical hand gesture that usually means wordfuck you. wordKK and wordDoom use this all the time.
The deaf man couldn't hear what his wordasshole nieghbor was saying, so he just displayed the middle finger.
by James Bourne September 05, 2003
what kk and doom classify most of those that exsist around them. assholes like Uncle Funkalunkel fit into this catagory, for they like to talk alot of shit but can not back it up.
That piece of shit Uncle Funkalunkel is one dumb ass mother fucker.
by James Bourne February 18, 2004
George W. Olson
by James Bourne September 23, 2003

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