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The exact opposite of a Turtlehead.
Being so constapated that your cheeks get sucked in and when
it comes out its tight little pelets.
i need to drink a ton of laxative right now, i haven't crapped in 2 weeks,
i've got major rabbit@ss right now...damn it hurts...
by Yo Mama October 14, 2003
a girl with a nice ass who upon getting married or becoming involved in a relationship with a man finds that the size of her ass begins to multiply in a rate that corresponds with the period of the relationship. (Similar to the way rabbits multiply when they "couple.")
Peter: That Jane used to be hot, but since she hooked up with Mike, damn her ass has got huuge!

Freddy: She's a rabbit-ass. Since she's been with him, her ass is multiplyin' in size every week!

by hot-dog August 23, 2007
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