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top notch dod clan, or world authority on manseks.

you decide.
It's fun to stay with the G.N.V.Q
It's fun to stay with the G.N.V.Q
They have everything For young men to enjoy.
You can hang out with all the boys.
by jaff March 03, 2004
A late night random fone call that may well drag on to early morning.
I had a Jexa in bed last night.
by jaff December 12, 2003
dirty bitch!!
i always wanted a quality shag, and then this layte comes along... ¬_¬
by jaff September 16, 2003
Something redundant.
Can be a person or thing, offensive.

This is something one might mention in a jexa.
Today i went into work and found they were gonna make me as redundant as a gaybra.
by jaff December 12, 2003
ROchelle who is my sister who is stupid.
My sister Rochelle because i hate her
by Jaff March 30, 2005

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