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to light up a mothafuckin blunt
Yo, nigga blaze it up!
by J5 April 10, 2004
1. something good or adding emphasis
2. used as emphasis on another ones sentance "im amazed", "Wow"
1.This chineese food is like woah
2. Bob: Latino girls are hot
Steve: Like woah
by J5 November 05, 2002
When you are nailing a chick from behind and you gobble really loud and with an open hand slap her on the ass just as hard as you can. You leave a turkey print similiar to when you were a kid and drew the outline of your hand at Thanksgiving and colored it like a turkey.
She knew when I gobbled she was getting the turkey.
by J5 April 15, 2005
calzones (kahl-sown-ehs) Underwear, Also chones (choe-nehs) or (chonees)
" Just a minute, keep your chones on."
by J5 February 27, 2003
haxor to the maxor baby!
by J5 February 02, 2003
The sound that a llama makes.
by J5 February 27, 2004
surprise coming out of upper-left field or outta nowhere
Wow, that chick is hot. She just jigglejolted my thermometer into a mercury overflow crisis.
Jigglejolted awake by a twist in his already shocking dream, Thomas tried catching his breath as he silently mouthed the words to “God Bless America” in the style of Michael Bolton.
#shock #unexpected surprise #curveball #epiphany #jiggle-jolted #jiggle jolted
by j5 May 29, 2013
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