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A Chicana is a legal person that is born in the United States, who's parents are originally from Mexico.


Gabby was born in Atlanta but her parents are from Mexico, so she pure Chicana.
by Gabby* January 29, 2009
A Chicana is an American born and or raised in California whose parents or grandparents were born in Mexico.

Chicano = Male
Chicana = Female
Yvonne, are you from Mexico?
No, I'm Chicana, my Dad was born in Chihauhau Mexico though.
by BlueKarma88 March 04, 2009
a legal person who was born in the U.S. who's parents are legal in the U.S. NOT THE SAME AS MEXICAN. Better than mexicans and are usually shorty's from California who are light skinned.
look at that cute light skinned chicana.
by Linda Rodriguez April 30, 2008