6 definitions by j mizzle

1. The place where poop comes out of.

2. The place where a penis, dildo, or other foriegn object goes in.

See poop chute, rectum, or anal cavity
1. Boy, I had so much poop in my poop chute!

2. Shove your cock up my poop chute, Mike.
by j mizzle July 11, 2004
1) a way to describe something that is extremely good.

2) a way to describe a piece of clothing that looks good on a person.
1) I won the lottery!! That is so potatolicious!!

2) That hat looks so potatolicious on you!
by J Mizzle December 22, 2003
a small animal that hops around alot and is hard to catch, is very tasty in stew
that rabbit is doin it with a squirrel!!!
by J Mizzle February 01, 2004
a very big wrinkly animal that smells like crap and has a big trunk and another very big thing ;)
That elephant is crapping in that corner.
by J Mizzle February 01, 2004
u spelled Mars wrong, dipshit!

1) a red planet

2) a candy company
1) I can see Mars!!

2) I hate the candy made by Mars!
by J Mizzle December 22, 2003
1) a pink rubber thingy.

2) a weapon of mass destruction.
1) Tie them up with this rubberband.

2) Don't flick that rubberband at me, you shit-eyed cock master!
by J Mizzle December 23, 2003

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