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the anus or ass hole. And this happens to be the correct spelling of said word. because this is the chute, or tube, from which the poop, or shit, leaves the body.
I took a huge dump and now my poop chute hurts so bad.
by m00p April 08, 2004
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Your anal orifice, where dung comes out of and where penii are inserted.
1. I did her right up the poop chute; it was a mess cleaning up afterwards because she had a bad case of diarrhea
2. Where you get your salad tossed
#butt hole #shit hole #penal insertion hole #ass hole #bung hole
by The Real Izzy May 13, 2006
1. The place where poop comes out of.

2. The place where a penis, dildo, or other foriegn object goes in.

See poop chute, rectum, or anal cavity
1. Boy, I had so much poop in my poop chute!

2. Shove your cock up my poop chute, Mike.
by j mizzle July 11, 2004
The CORRECT spelling of a slang word for the butt hole.
Jake Klug thinks it is spelled poop shoot, but he's wrong.
by apple_shampoo_182 May 25, 2003
anus or asshole
She wants me to give it to her in her poop chute
by unknown November 16, 2002
your back passage
stick it up your poop-chute
by Hidalgo March 24, 2004
the anus =asshole, butthole
She wanted him to finger her poop chute.
by Light Joker December 29, 2004
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