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7 definitions by ihatethemboth

Someone who is unbelievably fun, musically talented, and willing to do what they like; despite what the rest of our Abercrombie-brainwashed world thinks. Band Geeks are quite possibly the most amazing people there are. They have all the fun.
Person 1: Wow that girl with the flute looks like she's having fun!
Person 2: Yeah that's Jessica, she's such a band geek. Lucky.
by ihatethemboth November 26, 2006
108 29
Someone who is religious to a bizzare extent. When angry, they will quote scripture at you. Often enforce their morals, values, or ideas on others. Travel in packs.
The bible nerds meet every Sunday evening to discuss scripture. Oh damn.
by ihatethemboth November 24, 2006
33 18
The state of being against the clothing line Abercrombie. People who are Anti Abercrombie generally hast a dislike of the brand's prices, offensive slogans, or morals.
She doesn't like Abercrombie's portrayal of girls who are too thing. Therefore, she has become Anti Abercrombie.
by ihatethemboth November 24, 2006
20 8
Something that rocks so much, and is so cool , that it is practically oozing Rock Sauce.
Wow, that car is rock sauce! I want one.
by ihatethemboth November 24, 2006
6 6
The chat equivalent of "alright". Not widely used.
Person 1: Hey how ya doin'?
Person 2: Eright. Nothin special.
by ihatethemboth November 24, 2006
2 4
What stupid teenagers say they share with their signifigant other. Often confused with lust, or a crush.
Alyssa thinks she and Daniel have true love, but they break up weekly and they treat eachother like shit.
by ihatethemboth November 23, 2006
33 40
Home of the Mormons and inbreeders.
See also: Hell
Utah is like hell, but worse. Fuckin' Mormons.
by ihatethemboth November 24, 2006
102 126