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1. n., Space available for purposes of fucking.

2. n., Location where fucking frequently occurs, a favourite location for fucking, or abode set up for purposes of fucking.

3. n., A term for a fuck buddy, usually female, a person used for sexual intercourse in exclusion to other forms of social intercourse.

4. n., Used as a disparaging term for a worthless, unsuccessful or socially inept person. See: fucktard, fuckwad, asswipe, retard, loser.

Sometimes incorrectly used as synonym for the internet.
1. The toolshed was cramped but offered enough fuckspace for an upright tryst.

2. We stuffed hay in some pillow cases, the roof was leaky and it smelled of horse, but it was our love shack, our very own little fuckspace.

3. What a sweet fuckspace my Alicia is! She's stacked to the rafters.

4. That fuckspace Andy is in the hoosegow again for dealing horse.
by idunnit October 28, 2004
A mental and physical state in which employees become bogged down in their own hum-drum activities, which they will never escape from.
"Hey whats Gary up to today?"
"Don't bother talking to Gary, he's in his fuckspace"
#mindmap #headcase #dinglemouse #tigerbalm #sasscat
by Sassmoose April 15, 2010
A specific location, claimed by a certain individual, to which potential fuckmates are brought by said individual to be fucked. This location is a favorite of the individual, and has most likely been customized to be his/her most ideal fuck setting.
Boy: So, your place or mine?
Girl: I'd prefer mine. I feel way more comfortable in my own personal fuckspace. :)
#fuckplace #sex room #fuckbuddy #fuck #sexy
by ThunderloverIII July 30, 2011
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