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Digital scales used for weighing drugs. (too fuckin expensive if ya ask me)
Put that sack on the Digi, and check it's weight.
by Mike Lee aka somebody July 20, 2003
Another name for pcp.
commonly used by the Wu-Tang Clan.
More so used by the RZA aka Bobby Digital.
"Wu-Tang Clan;Protect Ya' Neck(The Jump Off):
Method Man,"..Who Dont pay they bills on time and fuck with digital"
by Sanjurjo August 22, 2006
One whom plays computer games rather than doing homework.
Mr_Darn: "Hey, are you finished your homework?"

DigitalRemix: "No MD, I'm doing a digi."
by DigitalRemix80 November 27, 2013
Digi short for digital.. is a incredibly sharp individual who posses the ability to observe and maneuver in a silent manner. In order for one to be known for being digi must have:

great awareness

a strategic thought process

Michael is making his way back from a shopping trip and hates the attention his designer bags bring. So he decides instead of using public transport to stop by a restaurant and wait for his cab to arrive, his also aware his mother indoors and calls his neighbour to let him know he needs to leave his bags at his until his mother naps or leaves the crib. DIGI examples of Digi individuals

Floyd Mayweather

Jason Bourne


Shikamaru Nara

Steve Jobs

Warren Buffett
by RMWORLDWIDE December 05, 2013
A digi is one who likes to go to 'schoolio' (see spaghetti, school, and orios)and generally make "flurp-ish" noises.
Person 1:Hey you goin' to schoolio?

Person 2:What do you mean? You a Digi or somethin'?

Person 1:"Flurp Flurp Flurp"

Person 2:Ah hell no! I'm callin' the cops!
by Jimmy D-Nibblepuffs November 26, 2013
DiGi, the telecommunications company is basically crap. It is shit. Actually it is worse than shit. But for the lack of a better word, shit is appropriate. On the different levels of the stinkiest and nastiest shit, DiGi tops the list.
if you want to say how shitty and effed up something is, it would go something like this: "OMG, that is so DiGi dude! Gross! What the F! Oh no, that is so effing DiGi!!!"
by anti-DiGi March 25, 2011
Verb: To contact electronically. (aka Text, email, phone {notably cellular phone}, IM, Twitter, Myspace, etc.).

Noun: An electronic communication {most notably from one of the forms listed above or in kind.}
Digi me if you wanna hang later. ; Send a digi when you get that new Johnny McGovern CD.
by Telon Seer June 20, 2010
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