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A girl of unsurpassed beauty and charm who, like the work of art of her namesake, has a stamp of "do not touch."
She's positively gorgeous, but doesn't date: a regular Mona Lisa.
by iantheman September 19, 2007
A talent or skill rendering those possessing it a likely virgin.
Guy 1: Whoah, that geek speaks Klingon.
Guy 2: Now that's a virgin talent.
by iantheman July 27, 2006
The distinct lack of sexual knowledge or prowess.
Having spent his youth playing Dungeons and Dragons instead of doing chicks, Johnny now suffers from screwpidity.
by iantheman September 19, 2007
Any act which "kills the mood."
In alluding the the warmth of his mother's embrace during sex, John committed a cut-and-dry case of moodicide.
by iantheman March 08, 2008
The incarnation of an individual as might in appear in some alternate douchebag reality.
Sitting across from him in the cafe, Tom spied a man nearly identical in terms of dress and appearance, save for a telling look of undeservedly smug satisfaction. Tom had met his douchelganger.
by iantheman July 19, 2010
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