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10 definitions by ian the d

swisha house rapper that owns h-town like it's goin out of style. made an album called who is mike jones.
hoes on my knob
and i ain't got a job
i shine cause i grind
i ain't gotta steal and rob
who? mike jones
by ian the d May 16, 2004
A phrase used by Austinites, (especially of the college-aged demographic) that reminds us not to allow huge companies to take over the unique town of Austin, Texas.
"When I heard that Pato's Taco's was torn down for a Taco Bell, I screamed "keep austin weird!"
by ian the d March 25, 2004
the best dj in texas. chops and screws songs for swisha house. right hand man of mike jones, magno, chamillionaire, slim thug, 50-50, etc.
mike watts is the shit
by ian the d May 16, 2004
to pay up after losing in poker or other card games
my full house beat your pair, pony up biatch
by ian the d February 06, 2004
even worse than its better-known cousin, blue balls. this pain can only be compared to that of being pulled inside-out through your butthole.
i heard that phillip got black balls by shirley
by ian the d April 14, 2004
another way to say shut up, used by memorial high schoolers
john: wow jane your tits are tiny!
jane: shut uh
by ian the d February 06, 2004
similar to fishing but even worse. planktoning is the act of trying to hook up with someone in middle school when you are an upperclassman in high school.
claire told me about how one of her friends wants to go planktoning on her little sister
by ian the d March 17, 2004