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188 definitions by ian chode

An inability to have a shit with the light on.
Apparently he suffered from coprophotophobia, but he kept us in the dark about it.
by Ian Chode February 24, 2004
42 9
A judge or some form of judicial process.
He's up before the beak for being a dodgy geezer.
by Ian Chode April 04, 2003
90 58
Anal sex with violence.
I'm going to arse rape you.
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
40 8
A cunt hair is also used as a very small unit of measurement.
Turn the bass down just a cunt hair.
by Ian Chode February 22, 2004
42 13
Spanish for balls.
(Upon getting into a cold swimming pool and having the water kiss the underside of your scrotus):

Aaah, mis bolas!
by Ian Chode August 24, 2003
36 7
Hairy women's bits. As in bush.
She had a mean george dubya!
by Ian Chode March 20, 2004
50 24
Carrying out several tasks at the same time, none of which are easy but none of which are impossible, whilst in circumstances which are not particularly favourable to completing the task.
It's like juggling turds with wet hands!
by Ian Chode September 13, 2003
37 11