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For use when telling somebody to be quiet on the internet. Shut your mouth would not be appropriate because they are not using their mouth as a part of the conversation.
You know they say that Ronald McDonald is one bad mother... "Shut your mouse!"
by iam2eeyore November 20, 2009
The act of holding your dick in your hand and slapping a row of people in the face with it. This would be similar to running a stick across a picket fence.
Hugh had all of the bitches get on their knees and he ran the dicket fence on them.
by iam2eeyore June 07, 2010
The word that stupid people use instead of explanation.
I feel the need to offer an explination for my behavior last night.
by iam2eeyore September 07, 2009
Choking the chicken
I do believe that I witnessed your little brother engaged in a bit of fowl strangulation.
by iam2eeyore August 19, 2010
To receive cunnilingus.
Jane, it's been nearly a year since the divorce and you haven't had even one date. I think that you need to get your cooch smooched.
by iam2eeyore March 04, 2010
Receive fellatio
I know that she's not the best looking girl but I really need a wing man. The worst that can happen is that you'll get your bone smooched.
by iam2eeyore November 20, 2009
The little bit of snow that you see just before the storm erupts.
Melissa tilted back her head, closed her eyes and caught a little bit of pre snow on her tongue.
by iam2eeyore December 08, 2009

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