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To smuggle an object by hiding it in your ass.
Security wouldn't let me take my camera in to the game so I had to mule it.
by iam2eeyore December 03, 2009
A piece of cloth or plastic that is intended to keep ejaculate from staining clothing during/after fellatio.
Next time, I bet that Bill insists that Monica wears a knobster bib so that he can easily dispose of the "evidence."
by iam2eeyore November 19, 2009
Sperm used as a lubricant
In order to get the bitch off I had to call in the heavy artillery. Thankfully I had already greased that ass with a heavy dose of sploogicant.
by iam2eeyore November 10, 2009
To avoid being identified as a homosexual.
I heard that Ruben was outed by his Cousin at Thanksgiving dinner. He should have taken some lessons from Kevin at flying under the gaydar.
by iam2eeyore November 28, 2010
The term used to describe what happened to a controversial thread, on a message board, after it was moved to the "trash bin."
Clown: "Dude, what happened to my thread about white supremacy?"
Moderator: "Bininnated."
by iam2eeyore April 01, 2010
The muscle that links the brain of a moron to their genitals.
Preston was trying to prolong a sexual experience by thinking about dead bunnies when he sprained his kinktus muscle.
by iam2eeyore April 01, 2010
It is the more socially acceptable way of saying "shut your mouse" which is a way of telling somebody on the internet to be quiet.
You know that they say that Grimmace is one bad mother... "Hush your mouse!"
by iam2eeyore November 20, 2009
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