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Morp is "Prom" spelled backwards. It's a casual dance, where the girls ask the guys and everyone can attend.
I asked Casey to Morp.
by i don't know December 11, 2004
Hillo is a cross between hi, and hello. Therefore, hillo.
Hillo there John, how are you today?
by i don't know February 22, 2005
A great place to visit if its Louisiana
I like it because it has so much to do, if its Louisiana.
by I don't know July 25, 2003
The large roll of fat seen on a rotund person when viewed from the front resembling the buttox.
Did you see those two front butts trying to get tickets from Southwest? Yeah. Like they could fit in just one seat.
by I don't know June 29, 2002
lesbians. Stemming from the "bumping" of the fuzzy, pubic area of two women.
Going to the gay pride parade we'll definitely see some fuzz bumpers.
by I don't know June 29, 2002
A stupid neo-con right wing republican who is homophobic and values the "life" of a microscopic goo over the life of a human (supports death penalty of course). He is also a FUNDAMENTALIST christian who would most likely support a theocracy in his backwards hick state of Oklahoma .
Coburn supporters: Tom Coburn stands for great Oklahoma values like discriminating against gay people, saving fetuses even though he might have steralized a girl once, and the death penalty. He also stands for great family values somehow (but don't ask why or how) ...
by I don't know November 07, 2004
To p.i.m.p. means to: pee in my pants, no silly not MY pants but like the example below...
omgizzle, you guys i just pimped.
by i don't know February 22, 2005

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