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Originating in Lattimore, NC a term used as a substitute for bullshit or bulljive. Started by two obese brothers from Earl.
I caught my girlfriend cheating on me. Man, thats bullmess. What a kak.
by Hugh Jass April 19, 2005
a term that is used when you dont know someones name. Also can be used for someone who is being a dick all the time.
1)Person A : who the heck is that guy?
Person B : oh thats jimmy billy!

2)man hes always acting like a fucking jimmy billy
by Hugh Jass February 20, 2005
the cool hip way to say "whatever"; the evolved more sophisticated way to say "whatever"; more nonchalant than "whatever"; almost as if it were "whatever's" older cooler sister that gets more guys than "whatever".
Whateva, I don't even care that my mom just died.
by hugh jass May 05, 2004
A combination of the words beeatch and speech, forming a term for a very bitchy speech team personage.

Specifically, one of the members of the triumvirate of speeahces, who shall remain anonymous. Known commonly as Jan, Connie and Claire. One is known for her chain-smoking and lack of personal hygiene, another for her rather bulbous appearance, and the other for her general aura of bitchiness.

The ultimate speeach would be very, very short, Irish, eat entire pigs at once, never shave, and chain-smoke unfiltered Camels.
"Why did she get a 6 last round? Because she is a speeach, of course!"

"I'd join the speech team, but the coach at our school is a repulsive speeach."
by Hugh Jass June 02, 2003
A variable of the word bullshit. Orginiated in Lattimore,NC in late 1990's.
President Bush getting reelected, man thats some bullshecrocky.
by Hugh Jass April 19, 2005
When applied to a friend, it means the person is caring, funny, and a really nice person to be with.
When applied to an enemy, it means that person is a complete moron whom you can't stand and you would rather fuck a goat than to be with them.
You norom, I love you.
You norom, fucking get away from me!!
by hugh jass October 01, 2004
To be obsessed with bell-bottom jeans.

(This word originates from Sho Yoshimura, graduate of 2005, who was madly obsessed with bell-bottom jeans, and considered them the highest, greatest form of fashion available at his time.)
You're such a shoistic guy!
by hugh jass September 29, 2004
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