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Hot Greek woman with big eyes and a pretty smile. Chrisanthis are very smart and a little crazy. But thats ok because they also have really nice legs. They like to go out and have fun but they also have really bad taste in men. They may or may not attend the University of Massachusetts.
"Here comes Chrisanthi. I sure wish she would stalk me."

"Dude?! Did you see Chrisanthi."
by hotjoshness February 04, 2010
When one or more men shits on the balls of another man.

A Warm Josh would be if the target has cellophane wrap on his balls and one or more men shit on it.

A Cold Josh is when one or more men poop on glass above the target man's balls.
"I thought I had a "chilli dog" but one or more men shit on my balls, therefore it was a hot josh."

"What did you do last night?"
"Stayed in and had a hot josh party."
by hotjoshness January 28, 2010

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