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A nickname for a caucasian person, usually said by jamaicans and afro americans

also see: whitebread
some jamaican guy: kill whitey mon!
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
someone who is obese and has a very boheemoth like ass.
don't overtake vehicle when turning

My english teacher is a very wide load
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
it's burger king but for some reason we in Australia don't have burger king, we have a sub company called hungry jacks!?!? also known as hj's. foods pretty good though
americans think they are superior to us so they give their products to us andgive them different names in a futile attempt to make us think these products are australian
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
only true champions are worthy of this absolute tankmobile.
get out of that fuggin ricer and into this volvo wagon!!!!!!!!
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
A series of books that is a rip off of a lot of other books. has been sued for copyright infrigements 2 or 3 times. Pretty corny and crap anyway.
the harry potter movies were quite craptacular!
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
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