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what you say to your friends when a fat chick walks by
"Hey Joey"
"Check out that fat Chick!"
by Boone's Farm August 09, 2005
A misunderstood social outcast. They are outcast because of their size
Sean, the wideloaded one.
by Sean April 12, 2005
1. Something a semi is hauling thats bigger than the trailer.
2. Someone who is really fat and needs to drop about 300 pounds by actually walking instead of riding their damn motorized wheelchair around wal-mart all day.
hey service man i need to have my huver round widened my fat ass has now been classified as a WIDE LOAD!
by uncle crapper August 02, 2003
someone who is obese and has a very boheemoth like ass.
don't overtake vehicle when turning

My english teacher is a very wide load
by honky mcgee December 10, 2003
A fat person they need to usually need to put a truck wideload sign on their ass.
Uhh miss where is your wide load sign?
a guy or girl that is fuckin huge, and seems u can never get around them
a fat fuck
by Robert February 26, 2003
This term is usually given to an extremely fat person e.g. someone so fat that they have fat deposits on their back and an arse so big/wide that it’s in a different time zone to the rest of the body.
“Dave, mate, your bird is one ‘ell of a WIDE LOAD!” {Make air horn sound} “Coming through!”
by Miguel Hamburguesa September 29, 2006
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