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A way to say f*ck when your parents are around
I friggin hate preps
by Hector October 18, 2003
A dedicated fan of the band HammerFall
by Hector March 29, 2005
A poster on a forum that posts too many times and only posts nonsense and nothing interesting. Usually a troll. Called trolltard because the poster has no life other than being on the internet
"did you add yourself under "trolltard?", Pasilda Nacera?" - micheal(a bluelighter)
by Hector March 03, 2004
The process of putting on one's clothes.
Holy shit I need to get to class.. I better denakedize and get on my way.

Running around "denakedized" is a normal activity.
by Hector April 05, 2005
1. One who is so mentally retarded that even a Mongoloid's mental capacity is far greater than their own.
2. One who should cease to exist because they cannot spell "epitome".
3. A rhino horn rider's invalid room mate.
4. One who eats of smegma regularly and brags about it to the stuffed teddy bear he sleeps with.
Hector's room mate Frank is the epitome of mongotard. There is no person on this planet that better embodies the definition of mongotard that it is a pity that his picture cannot be submitted for everyone to see what a true mongotard is.
by Hector May 07, 2003
a lame pre-pubescent skiddie that thinks he is 31337 like the people from hackcanada.
I fucked demos416's mom last night
by hector April 04, 2003
hardest nd toughest crew there is in the south bay.. aka don't fuck with them
Niwis members will kicks your ass.
by Hector January 05, 2004
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