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really annoying cunt
"hey furby... shut the fuck up before i fuck you up"...
*inaudible mumblings*
"right thats it!"....
by heath_lord February 20, 2007
Old Skool Trip/hop made under the influence and to be listened too while high as a kite!!!!!

EEEXXXXTTRRREEEMMMEEE zone out music u really feel this shit when ur stoned! NO JOSHING
stoner 1 - "hey man im high as a kite!"
stoner 2 - "yeh me too lets stick sum Cypress hill on so we can mong to the shit while i roll this next doobie"
stoner 1 - " yeh im down dawg lemme get the disc... u want the spanish shit......"
by Heath_Lord May 31, 2006
stoned:- the proverbial crown worn when in the happy/relaxed state of a high.
i.e. if you are stoned you are wearing a crown of daisies or daisy crown.
1)that dude is soo high!! you can practically SEE his crown of daisies!
2)my daisy crown is starting to fade man.
by heath_lord January 27, 2007
British ENGLISH Gangster slang for stab.
"woh man that was sick! i saw them shot him"
by Heath_Lord May 01, 2006
the word a guy from McDonalds used to insult me when i told him that his breathe smelt like cok...

it means ride/poke shit (while its in a man).. as in a horse jockey... generally meaning fag because i assume that he implied i was gay.

this is also a pretty lame word so after finding out what it means i dont suggest you start using it...
Me - "hey man your breathe smells like cheese infested cock!!"

Fag at McDonalds - "Yeh.. well... your a shit jock"
by Heath_Lord May 25, 2006

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