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A particularly virulent GameFAQs user, most well-known for his stringent posts calling for the destruction of religion and all who practice it. Holds a particularly Nero-like hatred for all things Christianity.
Religion does nothing but stand in the way of progress, therefore practitioners must be destroyed. Unscientific thought must be rooted out and destroyed for the betterment of mankind.
by hatred March 20, 2005
1) An economy car driven by lower middle class workers. Mediocre milage, and overall unreliable.

2) A rice burner that usually boasts a huge three foot spoiler or 747 wing, ridiculous stickers and trims, and an ugly neon paint job. The owners, usually teenagers who bought it by sacrificing the money in their college savings, are completely oblivious to the fact that their 4 cylinder front wheel drive car couldn't even compete with a Mack truck going uphill.
1) "I think I'll take my Honda civic to work and hope to God that I don't run out of gas."

2) My 8 cylinder Lexus usually proves to be more than a match against these ricers with their civics in a drag race.
by hatred May 28, 2003
A car manufactured for people who cannot afford more than a cardboard box.
"Did you see that Opel roll by?"
"Yeah, the homeless guy on the corner threw the can of change he was collecting at the driver."
by hatred January 18, 2004
Yet another definition that has nothing to do with the real word, yet some punk who was angered by my previous definition of prep created the false illusion that he could "get me back" by writing an extreme half-assed, archaic insult that looks like it was pounded out by 1000 chimpanzees on 1000 type writers.
Punk: "Oh no, after reading that definition of what a prep really is, I mistuck my heroin needle into my wrist and nearly bled to death. But it's all good, because IM SO FULL OF PAIN AND SUFFERING, WAAH. By the way, I think I'll write a cheesy comeback toward hatred."

hatred: "They say if you let 1000 chimpanzees on 1000 type writers... Sooner or later, one will make an offensive insult. That was not it."
by hatred June 19, 2003
a group of evil people. they pretend they like you, but they really don't. beware...
oh no! it's the zone! noooooooo, they're coming to backstab me!! *falls on floor dead*
by Hatred November 12, 2004
Like an American, except weaker and less inept in basic World and US History. Their daily habits include bashing Americans with unfunny and cookie cut jokes or historic "facts".
Canuck: "We burnt down the White House and invented the telephone!"
Factual History: "Umm, not really."
by hatred October 25, 2003
A once respectable gaming console company in the mid-80's to early 90's... It has now fallen to a shameful level of using desperate capitalist measures, including cheaply made merchandise (eg: Pokemon), and releasing games that are high in graphic and low in storyline/maturity.

It's mascot is Mario, a stereotype Italian who fights enemies often named after racial slurs for Italians. (eg: goombas)

The oldschool Nintendo generation has grown up, and it's fanbase now consists of fanboys whom are too young to ploy their parents into buying a Playstation 2 (PS2) with GTA3, or a high end computer capable of playing Battlefield 1942 or even Quake.
Nintendork: "Wow, Metroid Prime with it's cheesy alien-zapping HalfLife ripoff game play and tedious backtracking is awesome! And it's the long awaited sequal to a l33t game that was a hit before I was even born! This is obviously the best game ever made!
Common Sense Gamer: Shut the hell up and pick up a copy of Starcraft or Battlefield 1942 if you want good gaming.
by hatred May 16, 2003
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