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/sna/ n.; snow; a colloquialism for snow, said as an exclamation.

Person 1: Come look, it is snowing.
Person 2: Sna!
by Hal Jackson February 05, 2010
An interjection, best used when there is nothing else to say.
"This is boring."

by Hannah October 19, 2003
SNAS is a very rare disease called Skinny No Ass Syndrome. you can usually see if anyone has it by asking if their butt hurts when they sit. also, if they're skinny they also might have it. so it is pretty bad if you do

Person 1: Hey ya see that girl? She has SNAS!

Person 2: SNAS?

Person 1: it stands for Skinny No Ass Syndrome!
by haha2213e12 May 15, 2010
The all word can be used in any sense or any text. Namely when under the influence of drugs.
"What do you want to do?"
by robert pulson April 13, 2004
A word created by homer simpson.
"do you promise me you're not gonna buy lisa a pony?"
"sna. gla. bloo"
by David Langlois January 10, 2004
special needs adolescent

A way to call someone retarded without insulting actual disabled people
Josh:I like peanut butter and ham

Graham:Your such a SNA
by The Graham March 15, 2009
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