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It means to be sexy, beautiful, fabulous, and amazing but also very crazy.
if you are called boity you would be ultra ultra cool.
'boity, boity, boity'
by Jim and Man December 09, 2003
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1.Boity means whatever you want it to mean.
2.Boity can also be a name.
Can be shortened to Boit.
1.You are looking really Boity today!
2.Hey Boity!(and man would reply:o hey boit!)
by Hannah January 21, 2004
now what a spechal moro u are to even be looking up this beautiful word. among us friends, this word can be used as a symbol of gratitude, or also as a familiar way to greet one another. among enemies it must never be used though, as the word itself is to divine to be heard in hate.
1. (among friends)
boity - well hello my good companion boity
boity - good evening boit, what brings you to this bench?

2. (among enemies)
evil - hi
evil - hey


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