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fucking someone you really don't want to but you do it anyhow because you don't want to hurt their feelings.
even though I didn't like her I mercy fucked her so she wouldn't feel bad
by handle August 14, 2003
seeing a womans nipples through a see through shirt
her headlights were shining through her shirt
by handle August 14, 2003
to have throw up convulsions but nothing comes out
her pussy smelt like a stale week old tuna sandwich so much I had dry heaved
by handle August 14, 2003
When one attempts to drink a twelve pack of beer in under twelve hours at 12,000 feet or above. Under normal conditions, this is an easy task, but at altitude because of the lack of oxygen present, it becomes an immensely difficult thing.
After Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest, Hillary, to Sherpa:

"Finally, I can get one-beer crizzunk, Sherpa. Let's begin that twelve-hour challenge!"
by handle February 27, 2006
the act of seeking out a person to have causual sex with. In a bar or on the internet
He was trolling the chat rooms for a chick make it with
by handle August 14, 2003
to be dooped, screwed or messed with
Dude you've been phunked by that guy.
by handle August 14, 2003
to be very cool
that chick is so spank'in
by handle August 14, 2003

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