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Fucken greatest rappers ever. In a class of there own when compared to 50 Cent, Eminem and thos other wannabe assholes.
Run DMC - The only good rap
by hammer November 17, 2003
Greatest rugby team in the world. Represent New Zealand. Many teams aspire to be as great as them but fall short. Last won the World Cup in 1987. Good rivals with the Wallabies (Australia)
"The All Blacks are the best"
by hammer November 17, 2003
One of the sexiest females alive. The Smashing Pumpkins original bassist but left late 1999.
'D'arcy Wretzky is hot'
by hammer November 17, 2003
A person, male or female. That talks too much shit and trys to start fights after consuming too much alcohol.
Yeah, that TKE last night was being a drunk bitch! Thats why we kicked his ass!
by HAMMER December 09, 2004
the parts of the body usually covered by a bathing suit that are fun to touch
"that girl's bathing suit area smelled like sizzlean"
by hammer September 17, 2002
someone that is so huge and awful they remind everyone of a giant beast that use to roam the earth in prehistoric times. they don't know how to clean themselves and shit every where.
are you drunk enough to hook up with that land monster over there.
yes, very much so
by hammer September 17, 2002
when a sloung yut gobbles your mule while you drive. usally ends up in either a) a 12 car pile up or b) you shooting all over your steering wheel.
"on the ride home last night, jane gave tom highway head. he hit a jersey barrier. they died instantly."
by hammer September 17, 2002
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