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Rock Out With Your Cock Out - to engage heartily in stimulating activities.

Frequently as a suggestion to others.

Note: May be unsuitable as an email signature!
Mike: I'm going to the Buckethead show.

by Ham Cannon November 06, 2003
When things are going well, your bananas have no bones. When things don't go so well - banana skeletons. Origin: the term is derived from the philosophical teachings of Space Ghost's "I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones"
Corey: Good practice tonigh
Will : Yeah - no bones.


Corey: Tonight practice sucked asscock
Will: Yep, Banana skeletons all up in here.
by ham cannon January 27, 2004
Euphemism for masturbation.
Steve likes to Bitchslap the Theremin, if you know what I mean...
by ham cannon November 18, 2003
One's ass when referred to as a recepticle
He left a special delivery in her chocolate mailbox.
by Ham Cannon November 06, 2003
Album by King Crimson
My favorite song on Red is "Starless"
by ham cannon January 28, 2004
Negro testicles.
He took one square in the cadbury eggs.
by ham cannon January 24, 2004

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