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Rock Out With Your Cock Out - to engage heartily in stimulating activities.

Frequently as a suggestion to others.

Note: May be unsuitable as an email signature!
Mike: I'm going to the Buckethead show.

by Ham Cannon November 06, 2003
28 7
Abbreviation for "rock out with your cock out". Actions taken by those who are sick of rocking out with their cocks in. According to Chad I. Ginsberg this term is haniously over used.
Kid - "r.o.w.y.c.o. man!"
Chad - "Dude, that's so fucking lame"
by Patrick D. January 26, 2004
25 9
ROWY CO To Rock out with your cock out.
Man, Rock out with your cock out!
by Witness Protection July 21, 2003
3 6