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during anal sex, the guy pulls out and sees a piece of corn on the head. This is possible because as we all know, corn doesn't digest or some shit like that.
guy/fella-Yeah dude. that's the last time im goin anal. four words: corn on the cock.

other guy/fella-shit dude, did u just lose it right there?

guy/fella-nah i just flicked it off and kept going.
#corn #anal #sex #jizz #farmer
by guy mann-dude April 13, 2010
the most overrated american institute in the world. thats right, in the WORLD. the girls are usually greasy and fat, and some of the lowest class people you can find. and the wings arnt even all that good.
Hooters is crappy, and its way overrated
#boobs #chicks #wings #greasy #low class
by guy mann-dude September 29, 2008
u got a girls clam right. ok now theres a bunch of all dried up jizz on this clam, that the girl didnt bother cleaning up. thats the chowder.
Man, jess had some sick nasty clam chowder goin on. u could see it when she wore that mini skirt.
#clams #chowder #new #england #tasty
by guy mann-dude March 26, 2009
a man who works on the farm or ranch, and walks around having sexual relations with the animals. extremely common in arkansas and west virginia.
i heard theres been a jolly rancher sneaking onto old man jenkins ranch. his prize rooster couldnt sit down, and lost all his feathers.
#farm #ranch #beastiality #west virginia #redneck
by guy mann-dude January 30, 2009
brosef is and insult, it doesn't mean friend. jack black uses it as an insult in anchorman, so therefore it is a mean thing to say.
shut your mouth, brosef
#mean #brosef #rude #insult #jack black
by guy mann-dude September 28, 2008
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