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the widely recognized and known event in which many hobos get together under a bridge and have knife fights. hoobobs and snoobobs participate in these
o shit son! its a hobo stab fest pull over!
by Gusto March 23, 2005
A phrase usually stated when in anger or disbelief.
"I fucked your mom."
"Fuck shit ass!"
by Gusto June 14, 2003
Bringing a Kick ass bagged lunch to school
Person 1: Dude what are you buying for lunch today?
Person 2: Dude my mom didnt give me money for lunch today so im brown bagging it.
Person 1: LAME!!!!!!
by gusto September 23, 2005
one that wins the game of life...
one that runs the opposite way of what the P.E teacher says...
one that rebells againts the machine...
look at them rebeillious blamcows...
ramsackin teenagers....
by Gusto March 23, 2005
a hoobob of higher class... snoobobs live in their cars, they have obtained this rank by winning matches at hobo stab fests
look up "hobo stab fest"
look up "hoobob"
dude this neighborhood is full of snoobobs
by Gusto March 23, 2005
the elite of the yellis (seagull), the kings, who visited 2 7th graders and made them prophets
if you see a yellis you will collapse in awe
the only example that ever happend was when the crazy yellises endowed the 7th graders prophets in Palo Alto, California
by Gusto March 22, 2005
A small puny bird that either drops dead or explodes upon being seen by a crazy yellis. these birds are usually annoying and stupid and go "peep" a alot.
damn baibises!! get outa my house! ahh hate them soo much!!!
by Gusto March 23, 2005
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