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a funny,book and/or street smart male that carries himself with confidence.At first, he may be reserved but as one gets to know him,he can open up and be that loyal and honest friend that everyone needs in their lives.Rodericks are unique, they can be calm and collected or the loud opinionated person depending on their mood.They love to have fun, even if it is by themselves
Erykah:I was at this party the other night and it was so dead.I mean the music was playing but no one was dancing.
Brittany:So did you leave?
Erykah:I was about to when this handsome stranger walked in with a few of his friends and pulled me to the dance floor
Brittany:Sounds like a Roderick?
Erykah:Yeah,he was and then the party really began
by imf@mousRod February 04, 2010
Name of an exceptional fisherman who values the idea of beauty and nature brought together in a single day of complete serenity.
Never fall, never fail, never quit!
The man named Roderick will conquer each river, ocean, and lake that he encounters. The King of fisherman everywhere!
by Kellie Green February 04, 2010
While at an establishment, to go outside, take your clothes off, throw a garbage can through the window, then set the place on fire.

Periodic threat leveled on John Roderick's "Roderick On the Line" podcast. John Roderick was a member of Harvey Danger and is the frontman for The Long Winters.
The service at the Applebee's was terrible so I threatened to Roderick the place. Soon I was drowning in bitches and queso blanco.
by JoeBaloke November 06, 2013
A annoying pain in the ass who doesn't know where the hell he's from; who's hair is wound up like roots.His feet smell like shit and him spitting game is like a quarterback fumbling at the one yard line
You so ratchet...You must be a Roderick
by MC Jackson June 13, 2014