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How Hank Hill says the word what.
Hwat are you talking about Bobby?

I'll tell you hwat.
by Kristian Pulz November 08, 2007
1. The way Scots and southern people say "what". Actually, it's the original old English pronunciation (that's why it is spelled with a "wh").

2. A typo for "what".
Hey, look hwat wee got!
by aaank May 18, 2009
Hwat is the way Lil' Jon says "what"
Susan Sarandon: Was it good for you?
Lil' Jon: YEEAAH!
Susan Sarandon: Mmmm... You want a sandwich?
Lil' Jon: HWAT?
Susan Sarandon: Wanna sandwich?
Lil' Jon: Huh?
Susan Sarandon: Sandwich?
Lil' Jon: YEAH!
Susan Sarandon: Do you love me?
Lil' Jon: laughs How's that sandwich coming?
by peteH September 29, 2006
the hot way of spellin hot
man that girl is soo hwat
by luke the puke August 10, 2006
Is a mixture of a whore and a twat!
You are a complete hwat!!!
by Tricki October 26, 2006
1. What
2. A measure of homosexuality, also H-watts
2. "Man, I am emitting so much hwat right now."
2. "Dude, that guy's H-watts are off the charts."
by Britainy1017 September 01, 2009
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