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An offensive term for one who drinks habitually, (drunkard).
That sot's passed out at nine for the fourth night in a row.
by gus December 26, 2004
Archaic adverb meaning "from where" or "from what source." Anyone who uses this term seriously is either affected or was born two hundred years ago.

Saying "from whence" is redundant, as "whence," on its own, already means "from where." Anyone who says "from whence" is an arrogant moron.
A: Whence did you come this fine morning?
B: The cherry orchard is whence I came.
A: Splendid!
B: Indubitably!
by Gus March 12, 2005
A thirty pack of beers (thirty rack).
A thirty of natty light's only around $15.
by gus December 26, 2004
A musical genre characterized by bland instrumental watered-down jazz; the soundtrack for men inbetween mid-life-crisises.
Every city has a radio station devoted to this brand of ambient droning -- usually called "The Oasis."
Was it just me, or was that elevator ride made more enjoyable by the smooth jazz stylings played at a reasonable volume?

Smooth jazz talked my parents into having sex last night.

My dad and the elevator both listen to "The Oasis."
by Gus February 12, 2005
Grade used for denoting marginal acceptability.
She gave me dome for almost an hour. I fell asleep twice, but at least she got the job done. I told her she got an F+.
by Gus March 17, 2005
Paraphernalia for marijuana-related activities. This includes: pipes, bongs, rolling papers, stash boxes, eye drops and breath mints.
I never thought that those pages from my complimentary Book of Mormon would make such effective mariphernalia.
by Gus March 12, 2005
An african american reference in every sense of the word.
i bet you frank has a tilgen sized penis
by Gus January 21, 2004

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