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To send a message, ringtone, image or file via Bluetooth to someone's mobile phone who you don't know.
<beep> <beep> Ehhh? I must've been bluejacked! Who would've sent me that?!?
by Gunter November 04, 2003
- orginiating from Battlefield 1942 multiplayer; literally emulates the sound of something getting blown up - in the game - when plane falls down, or two vehicles crash - now used to indicate a large explosion or similar occurence in video game
by gunter July 04, 2003
the best damned dodgeball team at clemson university
"Dude, we totally got our asses kicked by Doin It Spanish."
by Gunter March 15, 2005
- noun, originating from rap music, first heard used by Birdman a.k.a. Baby from Cash Money Millionaries; used to describe weak, loser indvidual/s or underachievers; similar to 50 cent's wanksta
"listen to this dope track, you pantarants"
by gunter July 06, 2003
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