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To send a message, ringtone, image or file via Bluetooth to someone's mobile phone who you don't know.
<beep> <beep> Ehhh? I must've been bluejacked! Who would've sent me that?!?
by Gunter November 04, 2003
To send an unsolicited message or 'Contact' file from your own mobile telephone to another mobile telephone, via the 'Bluetooth' short-range radio service.
I am going to bluejack everyone within a 10m radius!
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
A person of African descent and Jewish heritage. As in - Black Jew (Blue) Jew Black (Jack)
"Yo have you seen Schmoolie Jefferson lately?"

"Nah man that Blue Jack hasn't been around in weeks."
by Fresno Bob April 25, 2013
To send an anonymous message from one Bluetooth enabled phone to another by sending a contact via Bluetooth.
I Bluejacked a stupid Nokia with my my Sony Ericsson
by Bogus Jimmy November 04, 2003

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