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The difference in one's appearance between their best and worst. Its often used to comment on a girl's looks after she dresses up, puts on make-up etc, versus her in her everyday state. Can also be used to comment on guys, alhough less common
1. Did you see hot how Kate was looking last night, she has so much disparity- shes normally average!
2. Lauren has no disparity, she always looks the same
by Gronk August 05, 2007
developed in about the same time as rush hour was set. A cheegro is the child of a chinese man and a negro woman, generally displaying the traits of both cultures
1. Did you see that cheegro back there, man she was fly
2. Densel Ho, turn your system off while you eat your stir fry!
by gronk July 29, 2004
Nickname for a Christian derived from "L" and "P" plates young drivers wear when they first get their drivers license in Australia and other countries. See l-plates
1. Wow I had no idea Jack was a c plater!
2. Kate's really hot, and she's a C plater as well, thats awesome!
by gronk September 17, 2007
When one is at a party, or other social event you keep an eye on a person who is likely to make some key "plays"
Usually a guy who is hitting on a particular girl, but the inverse could also apply. Occasionally used for someone who is generally amusing at a social outing.

Derived from sports such as Rugby, Football, Basketball, where the camera tracks one particular player on the team, normally the play maker.
1. Ive got player cam on Flynn tonight, I know he's keen on her, lets see if he makes a move.

2. Tom: Hey Tim are you going to make a move on Kate tonight?
Tim: Yeah, but I've got player cam on Jack, it could be a bit of a dog fight I want to make sure I can suss out the competition.
by gronk April 04, 2009
The act of rotating your body slowly around a heat source in cold weather, in particular mushroom heaters, in order to get an even distribution of warmth across the body.
Kate: Hey John what are you doing man?
John: Im kebabbing, my back is burning but Im freezing my tits off
by gronk July 20, 2008
A tasty nutritous snack
Hey Rufus! Can you pass over the placenta burgers?
by gronk December 07, 2004
to eat out a girl, oral sex with a female recipient, cunnilingus. From a certain man who shall remain nameless (GAP) who was a devourer of all things fishy, and who invented the philosophy "it is better to give than recieve". Derived from the same era as coops
1. Alf: "I just got the best gaps last night, mmmmm"
2. Did you hear theeban gave gaps to a rednut?
by gronk December 21, 2004

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