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A pseudo-polite way of saying something is unpleasantly weird or unacceptable. Chiefly used in the midwestern United States.
"Grandma, look at my nose ring!"

"That's... different."
by gregor_y July 10, 2008
Acronym for Snowing Like A Mother F***er, used to describe extreme winter weather conditions that are dangerous for driving but exquisite for snow-riding sports.

Go warm up the Subaru; we're heading for the hills! It's SLAMF out, and I wanna get first tracks!
by gregor_y April 17, 2009
The State Trooper who drives 2 miles per hour below the speed limit on the interstate highway, causing everyone around him to drive 5 miles per hour slower, corking up traffic for miles in his wake
"Why so late?"

"Grrr... got stuck behind a State Corker for the last 15 miles! Everyone was hitting the brakes in a panic, and I just know the bastid was laughing at us all.
by gregor_y July 20, 2009
A person who stages an elaborate lie aimed at garnering attention, esp. with the intent of financial gain.
"Check this out - I got these crutches and this fake cast - I'm gonna try to get into the club for free."

"Dude. You are a total heene."
by gregor_y October 18, 2009
The unfortunate habit of spewing thoughtless, seemingly random, usually inappropriate and/or profane thoughts via text message. Often, these sentiments may be true, but fall under the category of "OK to think, but not to say out loud."
Texter: Your mom's ass is f#%$in tight in those jeans!!!

Textee: Dude. They have meds for textourettes now. Talk to your doctor.
by gregor_y November 19, 2010
That inevitable bit of water that collects in the indentation on the bottom of an upside-down coffee mug in the dishwasher. Mugpuddles are often contaminated with detergent residues or other unidentifiable bits.

Generally considered to be unpreventable, mugpuddle alleviation requires the use of a dish towel to prevent the re-wetting of the dry dishes in the bottom rack.
Don't jiggle the top rack! The mugpuddles will spill all over the plates!
by gregor_y April 11, 2011

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