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The unfortunate habit of spewing thoughtless, seemingly random, usually inappropriate and/or profane thoughts via text message. Often, these sentiments may be true, but fall under the category of "OK to think, but not to say out loud."
Texter: Your mom's ass is f#%$in tight in those jeans!!!

Textee: Dude. They have meds for textourettes now. Talk to your doctor.
by gregor_y November 19, 2010
the involuntary outburst of finger movement over a communication device that causes letters, words or phrases to be written unintentionally
"shall we go to the cinema tomorrow? FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY"
"bob your textourettes, is playing up again"
by nutella111238291 July 25, 2014
The act of texting random words and letters during the middle of a text
Recieved:So the other day I was all hjbgshjgbajfhbtgghbnahbgtghfbgtrgthbtgalhgbgt and it made me mad.

Sent: Dude what's with the textourettes?
by xPOSSE21x September 22, 2010

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