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Riddick is a fucking god. riddick will punch you in the throat and then do your girl. Riddick is the coolest badass who ever killed someone for looking at someone wrong. this one time me and my friend were at this party and it turns out that riddick was my friends friends brother and he showed up and this one guy was like "hey jamal look at dat nigga" and riddick fucking punched him in the head. CLEAN OFF it was fucking awsome up until riddick stole my wallet and punched me in the testicles. Riddick is the real ultimate power. He is a furian, if you dont know what that is its a race of people that pretty much kick your grandma in the face, and if a furian doesnt kill at least 38 people in a day they go through withdrawls.
If you don't get off my nuts i'm gonna get Riddick over here and he'll fucking throw the pope at your head and... shit either way riddick will kill you.
by greg November 17, 2004
The act of french kissing
They were playing tonsil hockey as they made out on my couch
by Greg August 22, 2003
Not That There's Anything Wrong With That. (Origin: Seinfeld?)
Person A: What do you mean "Greg" ?? Who the hell is Greg?.

Person B: Greg! you know the gay guy down the hall... (pause) ..uh.. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.
by Greg November 19, 2003
best damn island on earth
I got laid in Hania, Crete this summer
by Greg August 22, 2003
to strike a boner
Whenever Shallon walks by, they all pitch a tent.
by Greg October 17, 2002
Having dry sex to musical beats. Dancing passionatly.
I was juking with some chicks at the club.
by Greg February 25, 2003
Orange Chicken is a tender food served at many chinese restaraunts including the food-chain Panda Express.
Orange Chicken is the food of the gods, and you can't possibly handle it!
by Greg April 07, 2003
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