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The single greatest artist of all time. Best listened to when drinking alcohol, preferably whiskey. Often played by Kurt Legel minutes before he passes out, or in other words, after his first shot.
Kurt put on Jimmy Buffett just as he passed out on the floor.
by Greg March 28, 2005
Synonym to the popular acronym wtf. Used among leet speakers to add more emphasis to the expression.
speaker1: blaaaargh!! i am the fatty boom batty!
speaker2: WTFZOR!?
by Greg September 20, 2003
Softest, most comforting feeling of warmth and happinest, mostly brought on by the lovelyest of girl's touch or love.
When Jill hugs me i get the most luftiest of feeling.
by Greg July 30, 2003
The acceptance that you don't know whether God exists or not, and the acceptance that you don't care.

See also: pessimism, agnosticism
Random guy: Is there a God?

Polytheist: No, there's lots of gods and godesses.
Monotheist: Yes, just the one.
Atheist, No, there aren't any gods.
Agnosticist: I don't know.
Pessimistic agnosticist: I don't know, and I don't care.
Optimistic agnosticism: I don't know, but I really wanna find out.
by Greg March 20, 2005
Broome Community College, two year school located in Binghamton, NY. Synonyms: Yale by the Jail, Front Street University, The Thirteenth Grade
I go to BCC and saving a shitload of money by not going to some overpriced college for the first 2 years.
by Greg September 04, 2004
The uncontrollable desire to have sex with old people
That person's gentrophilia creeps me out.
by Greg October 26, 2002
To distribute illegal drugs.
"I know this kid, right,
he flipped sacks at night.
He said he did it 'cause he
want a better chance at life..."

-Rakaa Iriscience, "Ends to Means"
by Greg March 16, 2005

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